Prayer for Vocations

Almighty and every living God,
in this Holy Season of Advent,
time of anticipation for the coming of
Your Son, time filled with hope, love
and peace, may the hearts of many men and
women be moved to follow you
in priestly or religious vocations.
May this time of preparation for the coming of Jesus Christ,
the Prince of Peace,
the Word of God, the Light of the Nations,
give them the grace to generously respond
to God’s plan in their lives.

Thinking of the Priesthood?

Pray and talk to someone you trust. Call our vocation director, Fr. Steven Roth at
410-547-5426, our pastor, Msgr. Kevin Schenning, or one of our parish priests,
410-879-2670. They will be glad to help you.

Holy Orders

Hebrews 5:1

Every high priest is taken from among men and made their representative before God, to offer gifts and sacrifices for sins.