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Encountering God in sacred scripture is a powerful way to deepen one’s relationship with God and each other.  The parish has several groups that seek to deepen their faith through learning about, praying with and sharing through Bible study.  

Little Rock Scripture Study Series meets on Wednesday evenings from September through May. Fall 2019: Lectio Eucharist, a study of the gift of Jesus’ body and blood.  Contact Jack Dempsey for more information 410-803-2111

The Ladies’ Bible Study Group meets twice a month on Wednesday mornings. Fall 2019: Acts of the Apostles.  Email Michelle Sullivan for more information or call the parish office at 410.838.6969.

Walking With Purpose Women’s Bible Study meets from 7:00 – 8:30 on Tuesday evenings and at various times throughout the week. Beginning October 1: Opening Your Heart.  Email Michelle Sullivan for more information or call the parish office at 410.838.6969.



Have you registered for your FREE subscription to This website has hundreds of videos, eBooks, movies, and more about our Catholic faith and is the parish’s gift to YOU! Check out the Opening the Word video series for a reflection on the Sunday readings.

To set up your account, enter our parish code (6X6FXW) on the home page.  Please contact Michelle Sullivan with any questions or if you need assistance accessing your subscription.



I have called you by name: you are mine ~ Isaiah 43:1

 The RCIA is a journey toward full communion in the Roman Catholic Church.  It is designed for adults who are either unbaptized or who were baptized in a non-Catholic Christian tradition who are interested in becoming Catholic.  RCIA is also for people who are already baptized Catholic but have not received the remainder of their Sacraments of Initiation (Holy Communion and Confirmation). The RCIA program involves many members of our parish community. Through the RCIA the parish community ministers to those seeking to learn about Catholicism and become Catholic.  For more information email Michelle Sullivan or call the parish office at 410.838.6969.