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St. Margaret and the Mission of St. Mary Magdalen

Little Bethlehem Christian is a group that represents 200 Christian families who live in Bethlehem—the Holy Land—and make their living as wood carvers. After all Masses this weekend, the group represented by Alsahouri family, will display a collection of hand-carved olive wood religious items, which are also for sale. The profit goes to support Christianity in the land of Christ.

Please stop by and/or visit their website at: www.little-bethelhem.org.

Advent Evening of Reflection with Sarah Hart

Everyone is welcome!

Monday, December 2, 7:00pm

at the Callahan Center at St. Mary Magdalen

Please join us!




Are you interested in learning more about the Catholic faith or the process of becoming a Catholic? We welcome you to attend our RCIA Monday evening meetings. RCIA meets most Mondays from 7:00 pm – 8:30 p.m.  in the Adult Education Center.  For more information about the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults click here. Each week we learn, reflect and share about a different topic of faith.  All are welcome to attend!  Here are the topics for our upcoming meetings:

Oct. 7th Who is Jesus Christ?

Oct 14th The Bible and Divine Revelation

To get an idea of the schedule and topics discussed at our RCIA meetings check out the RCIA meeting schedule.  To formally join the RCIA complete the application and email Michelle Sullivan or call the parish office at 410.838.6969

Join us on Friday, November 15 for Bingo!

See flyer for details or click here.


600 CLUB

Getting together with family for Thanksgiving? Be the one to take “THE GIFT” to the hostess. Take a 600 club ticket to your host. There is no better way to say “Thanks!”

Don’t miss out! Non-renewed 600 Club tickets are being sold now. If you missed out last year and want in on this “Elimination Game” of fun, you can get your ticket now before it is too late. 600 tickets will be sold and only 600. Sounds like a big number, right? This game and fun party will be May 2, 2020. Why get my ticket so early, you ask? The open selling has just begun and there are more number options! What is your lucky number - Anniversary? Graduation? Car license? Now is the time!

Each ticket is $100. You may have up to 5 names on each ticket (only 2 may come to the party). If you share a ticket with 4 other people, the cost is only $20 for a chance to win prizes worth a total of $25,000! There is an Early Bird drawing on February 4th for 2 prizes of $500 each from those who have already purchased a ticket. Those tickets are then put back into the drawing for the rest of the cash prizes.

Contact Mary Ann Hultquist at 410-838-6969 or mhultquist@stmargaret.org for any details. You may also just drop a check (made out to St. Margaret Church) in the mail attention: Mary Ann Hultquist, St. Margaret Church, 141 N. Hickory Ave., Bel Air, MD 21014 - make sure your phone number is available for “when” that winner’s call comes through!